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Since 1970, the ACRIS valve has been used in the most aggressive and corrosive applications like hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, 35% hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, chlorine gas (wet or dry), vinyl chloride monomer, ethylene di chloride, chlorinated caustic soda, chlorine dioxide, bleached stock and sodium chlorate among others; as well as ultra-pure applications such as 18 Mega OHM de-ionized water and ultra-pure HF acid.

The ACRIS valve replaces gate, plug and ball valves in many different applications, where tight sealing and reliability are a main concern.

The ACRIS is a fully PFA Teflon® lined valve for aggressive chemical and ultra-pure applications. PFA Teflon® resists chemical attack from most known chemical compounds, and with a flexible liner design utilizing a full width, 360 degree, resilient back up liner offers bubble tight shut off in even the most demanding installations. Redundant shaft seals (which include a spring energized safety packing) provide a tight, reliable seal to the environment. This is a “maintenance free” valve design which uses long life sleeve bearings and avoids the use of an adjustable packing gland.

The ACRIS valve is rated up to 150 psig and down to 0.0002 psia (full vacuum). It is available in either a ductile iron wafer or ductile iron lug body. Standard PFA Teflon® material is DuPont grade 350, with 450HP available for ultra-pure applications.


Advantages of the ACRIS valve include:

Bubble tight shut off
Lug bodies rated at full pressure AND bubble tight shut off, even with the downstream flange removed
Non-wetted (dry) shafts
Three levels of shaft sealing including a spring energized safety seal
Maintenance free design and materials
High cycle life
High flow rates
ISO 5752 / API-609 face to face  /  ISO-5211 top plate
Manufactured from 1 to 24 inch.
All valves (100%) factory leakage tested
Direct mount capability with AMRI actuators
Large inventory of fully assembled butterfly valves and parts from 1" to 24"

Amri Isoria Industrial