Cork / Neo

Thomson Style# DC 205

Cellulose fiber with cork and nitrile rubber. Cork Neoprene is designed for use in light weight flanges with low bolt torque and is compatible with water and most hydrocarbons.

A.R. Thomson Group also offers high performance cork/elastomer materials for specific applications such as critical service in transformers and any application where reliability is paramount. Please contact our regional office for further details.

This is a general guide and should not be the sole means of selecting or rejecting this material. ASTM test results in accordance with ASTM F-104; properties based on 1/32″ (0.8mm) sheet thickness unless otherwise mentioned.

*Temperature and pressure values are general guidelines and may not represent continuous service. For specific applications please consult A.R. Thomson Group’s customer service at the branch nearest you.

  • Temperature: 2°F (-16°C) to°+300°F (+149°C)
  • Suggested uses: Transformers, low temperature/ light duty engine gaskets
  • Not suitable for: Abrasive service or high bolt load applications.
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