Garlock 127 AFP

An excellent valve stem packing for use in high temperature and pressure steam service.

The construction features an outer jacket of wire-reinforced carbon yarn over an improved core, allowing increased service life. The unique construction of the outer jacket encapsulates the Inconel™ alloy wire reinforcement in the carbon yarn. There is no wire in contact with the stem; therefore, stem wear is virtually nonexistent.

Tested by an independent laboratory at 1000 psi and temperatures to +1200oF line showed that 127-AFP seals at lower torques, lasts longer between repackings, and requires 17% – 39% less operating torque than the similar asbestos based packings. Certifiable to less than 200 ppm Leachable Chlorides

Inconel™ – Inco Alloys International, Inc.

  • Max. Temperature: 850 (°F)
  • Max. Pressure: 1200 (PSI)
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