Garlock 1965

Garlock Style 1965 is manufactured from a blend of our own patented fiber-infused PTFE yarns with graphite,
and SYNTHEPAK® yarns, impregnated with PTFE suspensoid then coated with snow-white petrolatum break-in lube. The fiber infused yarn provides exceptional abrasion resistance, yet are not abrasive to shafts. The product also resists extrusion. It is a general service packing that can be used on rotary shafts of pumps, mixers, agitators, crystallizers and filters, as well as reciprocating rods, rams and plungers, accumulators, intensifiers, and hydraulic presses. It cuts, wraps and installs easily, remains flexible in service- which greatly reduces maintenance time. Low tension braiding makes style 1965 a softer, more flexible material. This general service packing can be used in a wide variety of applications from pulp and paper to water and waste water.

  • Min. Temperature: -450 (°F)
  • Max. Temperature: 500 (°F)
  • Prod Speed: 2500 (FPM)
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