Garlock 5000

Durable, non-contaminating

A tough, but low-abrasion, carbon fiber packing impregnated with PTFE and treated with a high temperature break-in lubricant. Developed for long service against strong caustics, acids, slurries, and any situation where contamination is prohibited. Applications include valve stems, slip-type expansion joints, mixers, agitators, reactors, autoclaves, centrifugal pumps, and hydroelectric turbines.

  • Low abrasion and high chemical resistance for long service
  • Ideal where contamination is prohibited, as in pulp and paper industry
  • Low chloride certification available
  • Style 5000-PBI offers extra abrasion resistance
  • Min. Temperature: -328 (°F)
  • Max. Temperature: 600 (°F)
  • Max. Pressure: 500 (PSI)
  • Prod Speed: 3000 (FPM)
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