Garlock 5889

A continuous filament PTFE fiber.

Style 5889 is a dimensionally stable yet relatively soft and flexible packing. Treated with PTFE dispersion and an inert ingredient, it’s an excellent choice for high speed rotary shaft service in marine, waste/water treatment, and most volatile applications. Pre-shrunk to avoid packing wear and shaft scoring, Style 5889 is also very non-porous. It’s often found in sump pumps, chlorinators, alkaline softeners, slip-type expansion joints, strong acid situations, coke plant hot oil pumps, reciprocating rods, rams and plungers.

Chemically resistant for pumps and rotary equipment

  • Preshrunk to avoid packing wear and shaft scoring
  • Soft, flexible but very nonporous
  • Excellent choice for rotary shaft service
  • * Not recommended for chlorine service
  • Min. Temperature: -450 (°F)
  • Max. Temperature: 500 (°F )
  • Max. Pressure: 300 (PSI)
  • Prod Speed: 1500 (FPM)
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