Garlock 9000 EVSP

The 9000 EVSP set combines three superior Garlock products – Style 98 carbon packing, GRAPH-LOCK®

die-formed rings, and aluminum gaskets (spacers) – to prevent any system emission (gas or liquid) via a valve stem. The nearly chemically inert set expands radially when the glad is tightened for a positive valve stem OD seal as well as stuffing box ID seal. The 9000 EVSP set is extremely useful in hydrocarbon industry processing, or any valve application where elimination of encrustation, chemical attack, or health hazard is required.

Excellent sealing

  • Patented “cup & cone” design permits selective component compression and controlled radial flow for effective sealing on I.D. and O.D
  • End rings act as wiper rings to restrict graphite particle transfer, prevent extrusion and provide extra resiliency

Custom design capability

  • Patented cup & cone design can provide sealability in valves as shallow as three-ring cross sections
  • For deep stuffing boxes requiring more than a 7-ring set, machined / split carbon bushings can shorten the box depth
  • Grade 250 (Style #4525) for general services
  • Grade 580 (Style #4540) for nuclear services
  • Choice of end rings: Style 98 (general service) or
  • Styles G-700 or 1398 (nuclear service)
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