Hose End Connections

  • Dixon
    A.R. Thomson distributes the full Dixon line of products, which is recognized as an industry standard on many industrial sites. We utilize many of these products to complete the assemblies manufactured in our Red Deer facility, such as flexible metal hose. If you require a finished hose product or just the fittings, the Dixon line is well represented.
  • ACME Cryogenics
    A.R. Thomson Group is a supplier of the ACME Cryogenics product line. ACME specializes in the manufacture of end connections and accessories for critical cryogenics service such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon. Materials include Naval Brass, and Stainless Steels. Parts are machined to Compressed Gas Association (CGA) standards.
  • Parker
    Parker’s fitting selection is as diverse as any in the industrial marketplace. Offerings include, but are not limited to, quick connect, high pressure hydraulics, steam, and air to name a few. Parker goes to great lengths to test and certify their end connection/hose assemblies, and stands behind the product 100%. As a Circle of Safety distributor, A.R. Thomson Group will bring that piece of mind to the end user, no matter what the application might be.
  • Flanges
    As with any industrial supplier, A.R. Thomson Group has access to a wide range of flanges to suit the specific application. Our vendor base is extensive, which allows us to turn an assembled project around in a time frame that will be acceptable to the end user. All configurations and standards are observed and attainable.
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