Flowserve (BC)

Flowserve Mechanical Seals


A.R. Thomson Group proudly offers Flowserve seal products in British Columbia, Canada. With over 80 years of customer trust in seal design, manufacturing and distribution, Flowserve continues to push the limits of how mechanical seals operate and is the industry’s top choice for demanding sealing applications.

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Thomson Flowmeters


The Thomson ESF (single) and EDF (dual) flowmeters are designed for applications that require uninterrupted seal water flow for cooling and lubrication. These modular flowmeters are available in different configurations to suit your application.

View Thomson ESF Flowmeters
View Thomson EDF Flowmeters

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Maier Rotary Joints


A.R. Thomson Group proudly offers Maier Rotary Joints – the premier choice of many rotary joint customers around the world. Available in Series DA, DP, DQ, DX, DXS, H, HW, and M with sizes ranging from 3–500 mm.

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Mechanical Seal Repair


A.R. Thomson Group can service any mechanical seal in the market. Some of the major brands we repair are:

  • Flowserve
  • Chesterton
  • Eagle Burgmann
  • John Crane

Our fully warrantied services include:

  • Failure Analysis – analysis report of the causes of seal failure.
  • Reverse Engineering – seal design upgrades to improve performance.
  • Application Engineering – custom solutions to application requirements.

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