RTD / Thermocouples

Thermocouples and RTD’s are the most widely used and varied of all temperature sensors. Reotemp manufacture a complete line of standard and custom probes and assemblies to meet the demands of today’s industries.

RTD’s & Thermocouples

  • Rugged, reliable and highly-accurate
  • Ease of ordering and fast turn-around
  • Exceptional service and support

General Features:

  • Complete Thermowell assemblies, Transmitters assemblies
  • Full Like of Connection Heads – Aluminum, stainless steel, iron, general purpose and explosion-proof
  • Spring-loaded and welded threaded process connections, various nipple and union combinations
  • Standard and mini connector probes
  • Leadwires in fiberglass, Teflon, PVC, SS armor and overbraid protection
  • Handheld probes
  • Plastics Industry Assemblies
  • Sanitary process probes
  • Cut-to-length sensors
  • Custom solutions for your application

Thermocouple features:

  • Ceramic insulated thermocouples
  • Sheaths 304SS, 316SS, 310SS, Inconel 600
  • Diameters .020″ to 1/2″
  • Metal and ceramic protection tube assemblies
  • Weld pad assemblies
  • High-temperature noble metal thermocouples

RTD Features:

  • Platinum, Nickel, Copper RTD’s. Thermistors, various tolerances, ranges, curves
  • High Accuracy, High vibration RTD assemblies
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