Thomson GC-89

General Service compression packing for centrifugal pump, rotating equipment agitators/mixers, reciprocating pumps, and valve service


  • Teflon® impregnated, acrylic yarn with unique break-in lubricant.
  • Single yarn encapsulation for superior protection from chemical attack.
  • Square Interbraid.


  • Non-Abrasive: long service life
  • General service: economize on one style
  • Non-contaminating: will not affect product
  • Non-Asbestos: save on handling cost
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Typical Applications

  • Centrifugal or reciprocating pumps, valves
  • Good chemical resistance. Excellent in medium acids and alkalis, petroleum and synthetic oils, steam, aromatic and aliphatic solvents and dry gas applications.
  • Where a clean “white” non-contaminating packing is preferred.
  • Rotating equipment – general service applications, agitators/mixers, pumps and valves.
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