General Service Compressed Gasket

Thomson MultiPac™ is a premium compressed sheet family with a variety of fibres and binders available to suit all of your specific application needs.

MULTIPAC™ 6000 | Aramid/Nitrile

  • NSF/ANSI 61 Certified for potable water.
  • Typical Service: Municipal waterworks, water treatment, food and beverages.
  • Temp. Range: Max: 700°F; Continuous: 400°F
  • Pressure: 1200 psi
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MULTIPAC™ 6101 | Aramid/Nitrile

  • Premium General Service sheet – flexible and easy to cut with good all-around performance.
  • Typical Service: General service such as saturated steam, hot water and petroleum-based fluids.
  • Temp. Range: Max: 700°F; Continuous: 400°F
  • Pressure: 1450 psi
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MULTIPAC™ 6300 | Aramid/Neoprene

  • Premium compressed sheet with neoprene binder – good handleability and dielectric strength.
  • Typical Service: Refridgerants, fuels, oils and low pressure steam.
  • Temp. Range: Max 700°F; Continuous: 548°F
  • Pressure: 1450 psi
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MULTIPAC™ 6400 | Aramid/SBR

  • Excellent sealability and good handleability.
  • Typical Service: Inert gases such as helium, nitrogen, and argon.
  • Temp. Range: Max: 700°F; Continuous: 400°F
  • Pressure: 1500 psi
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MULTIPAC™ 6500 | Inorganic Fiber/Nitrile

  • Superior temperature capability and good handleability. Fire Safe – Passes DVGW VP-401 Fire Safe Test.
  • Typical Service: Hot water, oils, saturated steam and most refridgerants.
  • Temp. Range: Max: 825°F; Continuous: 600°F
  • Pressure: 1850 psi
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MULTIPAC™ 6700 | Aramid/EPDM

  • Premium compressed sheet with EPDM binder – superior resistance to caustic, hot water and steam.
  • Typical Service: Hot water, saturated steam and mild caustics.
  • Temp. Range: Max: 700°F; Continuous: 400°F
  • Pressure: 1450 psi
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