Next-Gen Flexible Graphite

  • Safer Edges: UltraGraf’s Flexmet™ insert with greatly reduced sharp edges minimizes the likelihood of cuts when handling and fabricating gaskets.
  • Easier to Cut: Flexmet™ insert is significantly easier to hand cut compared with tanged insert saving time, effort, and material waste.
  • Updated Surface Finish: results in a more robust and less fragile gasket material.
  • Uniform Loading: The geometry of the Flexmet™ insert promotes more uniform loading and greater load retention over time.
  • Anti-Stick Technology: Gasket removal is made easy with Thomson Sure-Release™ Anti-Stick technology saving valuable time and energy.

ULTRAGRAF® EF | 100% Flexible Graphite + Flexmet™ Insert

  • Utility Grade Sheet: High purity graphite for general service and moderate cycling service.
  • Typical Service: Hot hydrocarbons, saturated steam and exhaust. General service grade for moderate conditions.
  • Temp. Range: Max: 1200°F; Continuous: 850°F
  • Pressure: 2000 psi
  • Download Data Sheet | Next Generation Gasketing

ULTRAGRAF® EFX | 100% Flexible Graphite with Inhibitor and Superior Oxidation Resistance + Flexmet™ Insert


  • Premium Grade Sheet: Higher purity graphite with oxidation and corrosion inhibitor for more extreme conditions and where cycling occurs.
  • Typical Service: Hot hydrocarbons, super-heated steam, high pressures and cycling conditions.
  • Temp. Range: Max: 1300°F; Continuous: 850°F
  • Pressure: 2500 psi
  • Download Data Sheet | Next Generation Gasketing

ULTRAGRAF® EFX2 | 100% Flexible Graphite with Inhibitor and Maximum Oxidation Resistance + Flexmet™ Insert

  • Maximum Performance Sheet: All EFX attributes, plus maximum oxidation resistance (>99% volume retention). EFX2 meets the most demanding graphite specifications in the industry.
  • Typical Service: Hot hydrocarbons, superheated steam, exhaust and extreme thermal cycling. Ideal for critical service applications.
  • Temp. Range: Max: 1300°F; Continuous: 850°F
  • Pressure: 2500 psi
  • Download Data Sheet | Next Generation Gasketing
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