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UltraPac 8900 Gasket – Graphite/Carbon/Nitrile Gasket

  • Excellent for higher temperatures/pressures and where superior chemical compatibility is preferred. Fire Safe, API 6FB certified.
  • Typical Service: Optimal versatility sheet ideal for steam, petroleum, hydrocarbons, most refrigerants and brake fluids.
  • Temp. Range, Max: Intermittent: 950°F; Continuous: 660°F.
  • Pressure: 2175 psi.

Next-Gen Compressed Sheet

  • Outstanding temperature range compared with traditional sheet gaskets.
  • Chemical Compatibility: Resistant to a wider variety of chemicals and well-suited for steam service.
  • Exceptionally easy to handle: Highly flexible and easy to cut making it ideal for narrow flanges or hand cutting irregular gaskets. This increases productivity while minimizing waste.
  • Hazard-Free: Produced using a chemical-free, water-based process which is Nitrosamine-free and environmentally-friendly.
  • Anti-Stick Technology: Thomson Sure-Release™ Anti-Stick Technology for easy removal, even after long term service at high temperatures.

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  •  General Service sheet with high temperature capability and Fire Safe rating.
  • Moderate service steam, high pressure conditions, hydrocarbons, oils, hot water and gasoline.
  • Pulp and Paper, Oil Refining, Mining/Ore-Processing, Shipbuilding, Power Generation.