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What is a Type 1 mechanical seal?

Question: What is a Type 1 mechanical seal?

A Type 1 mechanical seal is a specific type of single mechanical seal that consists of a rotating seal face that is attached to the pump shaft and a stationary seal face that is mounted on the pump housing. The two faces are pressed together by a spring and create a seal that prevents the fluid from escaping.

The stationary seal face in a Type 1 mechanical seal is typically made of carbon or ceramic materials, while the rotating seal face is usually made of a harder material such as tungsten carbide or silicon carbide. Type 1 mechanical seals are typically used in a wide range of applications, including pumps, mixers, and other rotating equipment that handle a variety of fluids, such as water, oil, and chemicals.

Type 1 mechanical seals are also sometimes referred to as pusher-type seals, due to the fact that the spring applies pressure to the seal faces and “pushes” them together. These seals are relatively simple in design and are often used in applications where cost-effectiveness and simplicity are key factors. However, they may not be suitable for all types of fluids or operating conditions, and in some cases, other types of mechanical seals such as double mechanical seals or cartridge mechanical seals may be required.