A.R. Thomson Group Inc.

We are a Canadian manufacturer of gaskets, packing, mechanical seals, instrumentation valves and fittings with capabilities focused on clients in oil & gas, petrochemical, pulp & paper, mining, municipal, power generation and many other industries.

The A.R. Thomson Group was established in 1967 as a regional manufacturer and distributor of industrial gaskets and other fluid containment products.

With the rapid growth of oil and gas production, petrochemical, oil refining and pulp and paper industries, our manufacturing facilities expanded to meet increased demand for these products. Since 1967, we have developed our expertise and know-how to become the leader in solving fluid containment problems.

Following over 50 years in the Fluid Containment, the A.R. Thomson Group Inc. has now established Superlok Canada, offering a full range of high-precision instrumentation valves, fittings and accessories such as hose, tubing and tube bundles.

No matter what your fluid Sealing or containment needs, we can help.

Our Mission Statement

“To be a valued provider of cost effective solutions for fluid containment and control through consultation, training and a policy of continuous improvement in quality, technology and work process. To have our customer place a high value on our service and view us as an important ally in their business.”

Where is the headquarters of AR Thomson Group? 

3420 189 Street, Surrey, BC, Canada V3Z 1A7


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