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Thomson QXE Bearing Isolator (Labyrinth Seal)

Bearing Isolator

The Thomson QXE Bearing Isolator, also known as labyrinth seals, combines proven labyrinth technology with an innovative expeller design. The QXE is a true, non-contact bearing isolator utilizing double vertical internal chambers. Centrifugal force adds energy to contaminants, deflecting them away from your housing while effectively retaining lubrication. Two static internal coalescing o-rings exclude vapor ingress by breaking it down and directing it to the contamination exclusion chambers. The QXE can be split for ease of installation.

The unique design of the Thomson QXE Bearing Isolator ensures optimal performance in various industrial environments. Its innovative expeller design complements the proven labyrinth technology, providing a reliable solution for bearing protection. With double vertical internal chambers, the QXE operates as a non-contact isolator, effectively deflecting contaminants away from the housing while maintaining proper lubrication. By utilizing centrifugal force, this isolator enhances the removal of contaminants, thus extending the lifespan of bearings. Additionally, the inclusion of two static internal coalescing o-rings prevents vapor ingress by efficiently redirecting it to the contamination exclusion chambers. Furthermore, the QXE's ability to be split simplifies the installation process, offering convenience and flexibility to users.

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