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Custom Gaskets – 7 Reasons To Buy From

Canadian Manufacturer of Custom Gaskets

AR Thomson is a leading custom gasket manufacturer that has been in the industry for over 50 years. The company has a reputation for providing high-quality gaskets for a wide range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, plumbing, and electronics. In this article, we will explore why AR Thomson is a top custom gasket manufacturer and the benefits of working with the company.Custom Gaskets

1. High-quality materials

One of the key factors that sets AR Thomson apart from other custom gasket manufacturers is the quality of the materials used in their products. The company uses only the best materials to create gaskets that are durable, long-lasting, and able to withstand extreme conditions. The company works with a wide range of materials including rubber, silicone, cork, felt, and more. Each material has unique properties that make it suitable for different applications. The company’s experienced engineers can recommend the best material for each application based on their extensive knowledge and experience.

2. Customized solutions

AR Thomson specializes in creating custom gaskets to meet the unique needs of each customer. The company’s engineers work closely with customers to understand their requirements and develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs. This level of customization allows customers to achieve the best possible performance from their machinery and equipment.

3. Quality control

AR Thomson is committed to providing the highest quality gaskets to its customers. The company has implemented a rigorous quality control process to ensure that every gasket meets its high standards. The process includes inspection of raw materials, testing during the manufacturing process, and final inspection of the finished product. This ensures that each gasket meets the required specifications and is free from defects.

4. Fast turnaround times

AR Thomson understands that time is of the essence in many industries, and delays can be costly. The company has developed efficient manufacturing processes that allow it to provide fast turnaround times for custom gaskets. The company has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and has an experienced team of engineers who can quickly create custom gaskets to meet tight deadlines.

5. Competitive pricing

Despite the high-quality materials and customization involved in creating custom gaskets, AR Thomson offers competitive pricing. The company is committed to providing value to its customers and works hard to keep costs low without compromising on quality. The company’s efficient manufacturing processes and use of technology help keep costs low, allowing the company to pass the savings on to customers.

6. Experienced team

AR Thomson has an experienced team of engineers and technicians who have been in the industry for many years. The team has extensive knowledge of gasket design, materials, and manufacturing processes, and can provide expert advice and guidance to customers. The team is committed to providing excellent customer service and works closely with customers to ensure that they receive the best possible solutions for their needs.

7. Commitment to sustainability

AR Thomson is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and takes steps to reduce its environmental impact. The company uses recycled materials whenever possible and has implemented processes to reduce waste and energy consumption. By working with AR Thomson, customers can be assured that they are working with a company that is committed to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

In conclusion, AR Thomson is a top custom gasket manufacturer for many reasons. The company’s commitment to quality, customization, fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, experienced team, and sustainability make it a great choice for customers who require high-quality gaskets for their machinery and equipment. By working with AR Thomson, customers can be confident that they will receive the best possible solutions for their needs and achieve the best possible performance from their machinery and equipment.