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Garlock Gaskets & Sealant Tape

Garlock gaskets are high-performance sealing solutions known for their exceptional reliability and durability in a wide range of industrial applications. With their innovative design and superior material properties, Garlock gaskets provide a tight and secure seal, minimizing leaks and ensuring efficient operations.

General Service Garlock Gasket
General Service

Garlock General Service Gaskets are versatile sealing products designed to provide reliable performance in a variety of standard industrial applications, offering excellent sealing capabilities and resistance to a wide range of media and operating conditions.

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High Temp Garlock Gasket
High Temperature 

Garlock High temperature gaskets are specifically engineered to withstand extreme heat and thermal cycling, making them ideal for applications where elevated temperatures and thermal expansion pose challenges, ensuring reliable sealing performance even in the most demanding high-temperature environments.

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Gylong Garlock Gasket

Garlock Gylon Gaskets are known for their exceptional chemical resistance and ability to withstand aggressive media, providing reliable sealing solutions in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals, where resistance to chemicals and environmental factors is crucial.

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Garlock Joint Sealant Tape
Joint Sealant Tape

Garlock Joint sealant tape is a versatile sealing material that can be easily applied to create a tight and reliable seal in a variety of flange configurations, offering excellent conformability, high temperature resistance, and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making it an effective choice for sealing applications.

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