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Heat Exchanger Gaskets

900 Corrugated Solid Metal Gasket

Part# 900, 923, 926, 929, 940, 942A

Heat exchanger gaskets for shell and tube type heat exchangers and more. Available in a variety of materials and configurations.

900 Corrugated Solid Metal Gasket

Simple corrugated metal gasket for use in low pressure applications. Style 900 is commonly offered with Grafoil tape on both sides for improved sealability.

923 Double Jacketed Gasket

923 Double-Jacketed Gasket

Probably the most commonly manufactured gasket for heat exchangers, the 923 double-jacketed gasket has good compressibility and resilience and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

926 Double-Jacketed Corrugated Gasket

926 Double-Jacketed Corrugated Gasket

Corrugations of a standard double-jacketed gasket provide improved resilience in applications where thermocycling may be a problem. Style 926 is commonly offered with graphoil tape on both sides for improved sealability.



Traditional Grafoil filler material is replaced with a corrugated metal washer which adds greater resilience to this heat exchanger gasket. The temperature limitations of Style 929 are limited only by the type of metal selected.

940 Solid Metal Heat Exchanger Gasket

940 Solid Metal Heat Exchanger Gasket

940 Solid metal ring provides an extremely reliable seal with good mechanical strength. Style 940 is commonly offered with grafoil tape on both sides for improved sealability.

942A Solid Cammprofile Gasket

942A Solid Cammprofile Gasket

942A is manufactured from solid metal, Cammprofile gaskets exhibit all the desirable qualities of a solid metal gasket with the added advantages of a reduced area of contact thereby reducing the bolt stress required to make a seal. Grafoil tape is added to the sealing surface for improved sealability. Because of their ability to seal on less than perfect flange faces, Cammprofile gaskets are often chosen as a replacement to traditional double-jacketed heat exchanger gaskets.

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