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Kammprofile Gaskets (Camprofile)

942A Kammprofile Gaskets 942A

Manufactured from solid metal, CANFLEX® gaskets combine all of the desirable qualities of a solid metal gasket with the added advantages of a reduced area of contact, resulting in lower stress values required to achieve a seal. As a standard, flexible graphite is bonded to each face due to its superior sealing characteristics. Other metallurgies and soft gasket sealing materials are available in order to accommodate specific chemical and temperature service requirements.

Kammprofile gaskets are often referred to as "camprofile" gaskets due to their design resembling the profile of a camshaft, which is a rotating component in internal combustion engines. The term "cam" is short for "camshaft." The design of Kammprofile gaskets features serrations or grooves on their sealing surface, which resembles the shape of a camshaft profile. This profile enhances the sealing capabilities of the gasket by providing better conformity to the flange surfaces and improving the distribution of bolt load. So, the term "camprofile" emerged as a colloquial way to describe this type of gasket due to its camshaft-like appearance and function.

Style 942A  Gasket

942A is manufactured from solid metal, they exhibit all the desirable qualities of a solid metal gasket with the added advantages of a reduced area of contact thereby reducing the bolt stress required to make a seal. Grafoil tape is added to the sealing surface for improved sealability. Because of their ability to seal on less than perfect flange faces, Cammprofile gaskets are often chosen as a replacement to traditional double-jacketed heat exchanger gaskets.​

Style 942 AR2 Gasket

942 AR2 is designed to accommodate standard ASME flanges in applications up to 2500#. Floating centering ring allows for expansion and contraction in applications where thermal cycling is prevalent.

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