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Shoulder Plugs & Gaskets

A.R. Thomson Group Inc. supplies shoulder plugs and gaskets which are required to seal the ends of piping systems in air cooled heat exchangers. Air cooled heat exchangers are commonly used in upstream oil and gas production facilities where spare parts may be needed to replace originals during routine site maintenance and turnaround activities. Shoulder plugs serve the critical function of sealing the tube ends of the heat exchanger, preventing any loss of process fluids thus ensuring optimal performance. Gaskets are used under the head of the shoulder plug to further enhance load distribution and fluid containment across the entire heat exchanger system.

Common specific applications, used on wellheads and Christmas trees.

Shoulder plugs and gaskets are available in a wide variety of materials:

• Carbon steel • Monel • Nickel 200
• 316SS • Inconel • Hastelloy C276
• 304SS • Duplex 2205 • Titanium

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