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Gore GR Sheet Gasketing

Gain the benefits of PTFE gasketing without the problems of creep and cold flow. Unmatched in sealing reliability, Gore GR Sheet Gasketing provides high-temperature and blowout resistance superior than any other 100% PTFE sheet gasket.

Made from 100% expanded PTFE. Dimensionally stable, yet conformable, Gore GR sheet is ideal for real world flange conditions. It conforms to rough surfaces, yet compresses into a very tough gasket that makes a tight, long lasting seal. Gore® GR sheet gasketing is ideal for sealing steel flanges for many aggressive chemicals.


  •  100% expanded PTFE.
  • Increased resistance to creep and cold flow.
  • Chemically inert.
  • Highly conformable.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Excellent blowout/high temperature resistance.
  • Highest sealing reliability in its class.
  • Seals irregular flanges.
  • Retains stress; minimum retorque.

*For industrial use only. Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic, or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packing operations.

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Experience the unparalleled advantages of Gore GR Sheet Gasketing, crafted meticulously from 100% expanded PTFE. Engineered to maintain dimensional stability while exhibiting exceptional conformability, it seamlessly adapts to diverse flange surfaces. Withstanding rigorous conditions, this gasket material ensures a robust, enduring seal, even in the presence of aggressive chemicals. Its inherent resistance to creep and cold flow, coupled with its chemical inertness, guarantees unmatched reliability. Whether sealing steel flanges or accommodating irregular surfaces, Gore GR sheet gasketing stands as the epitome of sealing excellence, delivering optimal performance in industrial applications.

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