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Greene Tweed Distributor Canada

Greene Tweed is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastics, composites, and engineered components, including custom-engineered sealing solutions for the aerospace/defense, energy, semiconductor, industrial, life sciences, and chemical processing industries.

Sealing Solutions

Greene Tweede Sealing Solutions

Greene Tweed designs and manufactures sealing solutions composed of proprietary, high-performance sealing materials.

Greene Tweed’s engineering and design teams, dedicated R&D, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities can provide customized sealing solutions to solve your most critical challenges.

Greene Tweed sealing solutions range from standard O-rings to custom-engineered seal designs for complex applications.

The O-ring – the most universally recognized seal design – is manufactured from elastomeric material and can be used as a standalone sealing element, as a component within a mechanical seal, or an energizer in capped seals. Greene Tweed offers o-rings in AS568 or ISO 3601-1 standard sizes, and designs and manufactures them in non-standard sizes to meet individual customer needs.

In addition to o-rings, we offer G-T® rings, Metal Spring Energized (MSE®) seals, seal stacks, capped seals, and labyrinth seals – and can develop other seal designs for niche applications.

Greene Tweed’s seals are available in a wide range of materials, including Fusion® FKM and Chemraz® FFKM, and are engineered to provide broad chemical resistance in temperatures ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to 621°F (327°C). We also offer options in our Arlon® PEEK and Avalon® fluoropolymer materials.

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