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Mechanical Seal Repair

Mechanical Seal Repair and Re-engineer

A.R. Thomson Group is a leading provider of mechanical seals and related services. When it comes to repairing mechanical seals and re-engineering, the company offers a range of services and capabilities. Some of the specific offerings include:

  • Mechanical Seal Repair: A.R. Thomson Group has expertise in repairing and refurbishing mechanical seals. They can assess the condition of the seal, identify the issues, and perform necessary repairs to restore its functionality.

  • Seal Face Refurbishment: We provide services to refurbish the seal faces, which are critical components of mechanical seals. This involves repairing or reconditioning the faces to ensure proper sealing performance.

  • Seal Reconditioning: A.R. Thomson Group can recondition mechanical seals by replacing worn-out parts, restoring damaged components, and conducting necessary maintenance to extend the seal's lifespan.

  • Reverse Engineering: In cases where original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or specifications are unavailable, A.R. Thomson Group offers reverse engineering capabilities. They can analyze existing seals, develop precise measurements, and create custom-engineered solutions to replicate or improve upon the original design.

  • Material Upgrades: We can suggest and implement material upgrades for mechanical seals, taking into account the specific application requirements and operational conditions. Upgrading materials can enhance the seal's durability, reliability, and performance.

  • Seal Performance Enhancement: A.R. Thomson Group can analyze the operating conditions and performance requirements of mechanical seals and provide recommendations for optimizing their performance. This may involve modifications to the seal design or materials to achieve better sealing efficiency and reliability.

  • Custom Sealing Solutions: For unique or challenging sealing applications, A.R. Thomson Group offers custom sealing solutions. Their engineering team can work closely with customers to design and manufacture seals tailored to specific needs, including non-standard sizes, configurations, or operating conditions.

  • Seal Failure Analysis: In cases of seal failure or performance issues, A.R. Thomson Group can conduct detailed failure analysis to determine the root causes. This analysis helps identify any design, material, or operational factors contributing to the failure and enables the development of corrective measures.

Overall, A.R. Thomson Group provides a comprehensive range of services for repairing mechanical seals and re-engineering, aimed at maximizing the reliability, performance, and lifespan of these critical sealing components.

Mechanical Seal Brands We Repair

  • John Crane
  • Flowserve
  • Eagle Burgmann
  • Chesteron

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