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Chem-One Pulp & Paper / Chemical Packing

Chem-one Packing

Pulp and paper, chemical, pump and valve service packing.

  • Non-abrasive: save on shaft sleeves.
  • Non-contaminating: will not degrade media.
  • High strength: extrusion resistant, lower wear, longer life.
  • High heat conductivity: lower friction, longer life.
  • Broad chemical compatibility: save on inventory costs, use one style for all applications.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.


  • Teflon® impregnated, high strength carbon filament yarn with polybenzimi-dazole (PBI®) reinforcing braid/anti-extrusion corners.
  • Square Inter-braid.


  • Pulp and paper, chemical, pump and valve service packing
  • Extreme chemical service such as pumps handling Caustic – White / Black & Green liquor.
  • Higher pressure capability than carbon and Teflon® based packings.
  • Pulp & Paper Industry – Digester related equipment, Steaming vessel, Top Separator, bottom outlet, HP feeder, LP feeder.
  • Slurry applications that require extrusion resistant packing, e.g. worn equipment.

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