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Chem-3 General Service Packing

Chem-3 Packing

General service pump and valve packing.

  • Non-abrasive – saves shaft sleeves.
  • Non-contaminating – will not degrade product.
  • High heat conductivity – longer life.
  • Broad chemical compatibility – saves and reduces inventory and maintenance costs.


  • Teflon® impregnated, high strength, carbon yarn with break-in lubricant.
  • Square Inter-braid.


  • Extreme corrosive service such as strong caustics, acids, pulp stock, and other slurries.
  • Medium pressure valves and pumps.
  • Mixers, autoclaves, and reactors (due to high resiliency of Thomson CHEM-3 packing).
  • General service pump and valve packing.

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