What are the 3 types of mechanical seals?

The three main types of mechanical seals are:

1. Conventional mechanical seals: These seals are designed with a spring that applies pressure to the seal faces, which are usually made of carbon and ceramic materials. They are widely used in various industries and are suitable for most types of equipment.

2. Cartridge mechanical seals: These seals are pre-assembled units that are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for applications where frequent maintenance is required. They consist of a seal face, spring, and gland all contained within a cartridge that can be quickly and easily replaced.

3. Gas-lubricated mechanical seals: These seals use a gas, usually nitrogen or air, to lubricate and cool the seal faces. They are typically used in high-speed applications where conventional liquid lubrication would not be effective. Gas-lubricated seals can also reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.

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