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UltraPac™ 8600 – Graphite/Aramid/Nitrile Gasket

UltraPac 8600 Gaskets

    Graphite, Aramid, and functional inorganic fibers with Nitrile (NBR) binder. A unique material with very good temperature and chemical compatibility that is exceptionally easy to cut and fabricate hand cut gaskets from. Produced using a water-based process which is environmentally friendly.

    Features / Benefits:

    • Excellent general service sheet.
    • Outstanding mechanical properties and handle ability
    • Very flexible sheet for cutting narrow cross sections or
      nonstandard shapes and sizes.
    • Superior chemical compatibility.

    Typical Applications:

    • High Performance general service sheet material for fabrication of gaskets in moderate service conditions in Pulp and Paper, Petroleum, Wastewater, Mining and Shipbuilding industries.
    • Saturated Steam, hot water, hydrocarbons, oils and gasoline. 

    Temp. Range, Max: 

    Minimum: -100°F  (-75°C)
    Intermittent: 662°F  (350°C)
    Continuous: 482°F  (250°C)

    *Contact your A.R. Thomson Technical Sales Representative for applications approaching the upper limits of the material. 

    Pressure: 1500 psi  (103 bar)

    Graphite / Aramid / Nitrile (NBR)

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Next-Gen Compressed Sheet

  • Outstanding temperature range compared with traditional sheet gaskets.
  • Chemical Compatibility: Resistant to a wider variety of chemicals and well-suited for steam service.
  • Exceptionally easy to handle: Highly flexible and easy to cut making it ideal for narrow flanges or hand-cutting irregular gaskets. This increases productivity while minimizing waste.
  • Hazard-Free: Produced using a chemical-free, water-based process that is Nitrosamine-free and environmentally friendly.
  • Anti-Stick Technology: Thomson Sure-Release® Anti-Stick Technology for easy removal, even after long-term service at high temperatures.

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