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Compressed Sheet Gasket

Compressed gaskets are sealing devices designed to create a tight, leak-proof connection between two flange surfaces in industrial applications Compressed sheet gaskets are a blend of fibers and rubber materials bound together. They are designed to create a tight seal between two flange surfaces in industrial applications. A wide range of compressed sheet materials are available in a variety of fiber and rubber combinations that are chosen for their compatibility with specific chemicals and resistance to high temperature. Sheet gaskets are designed with compressibility necessary to fill in the voids of the flanges surfaces and the resiliency to maintain the seal with temperature and pressure fluctuation.

Multipac 6000 Sheet Gasket
MultiPac ™  6000

NSF-61 certified compressed gasket material meeting NSF/ANSI 61 standards for safe drinking water.

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MultiPac 6101 Sheet Gasket
MultiPac  6101

A premium general service sheet gasket suitable for a wide range of industrial applications such as saturated steam, water and petroleum-based fluids. Certifications and approvals such as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

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Multipac 6300 Sheet Gasket
MultiPac 6300 

Compressed sheet with Neoprene binder suitable for refrigerants, fuels and any application where a neoprene binder is required.


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Multipac 6400 Sheet Gasket
MultiPac  6400

High quality compressed fiber and SBR sheet with high sealability ideal for inert gases such as nitrogen, helium and argon. Ideal for colour-sensitive applications or where a white gasket is preferred.

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Multipac 6500 Sheet Gasket
MultiPac  6500

Premium compressed sheet with inorganic fiber and high-quality nitrile. Superior temperature resistance and suitability for general service including saturated steam, petroleum-based fluids and most refrigerants.

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Multi Pac 6700 Sheet Gasket
MultiPac  6700

High quality compressed sheet with EPDM binder and superior resistance to hot water, saturated steam, brake fluid and moderate caustics. Suitable for any applications where an EPDM binder is specified.

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ThermaPac 9100 Sheet Gasket
ThermaPac ®  9100

A carbon fiber/nitrile binder gasket designed for high pressures and temperatures. Suitable for steam and petroleum-based media.

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ThermaPac 9950 Sheet Gasket
ThermaPac ®  9950

Exceptional sheet material with high temperature and pressure capability in steam and petroleum-based fluids and pressure capability.


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UltraPac 8600 Sheet Gasket
 UltraPac™ 8600

Graphite and Aramid fiber gasket with Nitrile binder. A unique material with very good temperature and chemical compatibility that is exceptionally easy to cut and fabricate hand cut gaskets from. 

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