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Pump & Valve Compression Braided Packing

A.R. Thomson Group Inc. was established in 1967 as a regional manufacturer & distributor of gaskets and other fluid containment products. With the rapid growth of oil and gas production, petrochemical, oil refining, pulp and paper industries, our manufacturing facilities expanded to meet increased demand for these products. Since 1967, we have developed our expertise and know-how to become the leader in solving fluid containment problems. No matter what your gasket and sealing needs, we can help.

We offer a wide range of pump and valve braided packing solutions for industrial applications including steam and process chemicals. We offer bulk packing as well as custom made, die-formed sets for quick and easy packing replacement and reduced fugitive emissions. Common materials including GFO, Teflon™, Graphite and more. Learn What Pump Packing Is.

Aqua Pac Packing
Aqua Pac

Water and slurry service compression packing excellent choice for the marine industry.

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Chem-One Packing

Pulp and paper, chemical, pump and agitators/mixers. PBI anti extrusion corners for demanding applications.

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Chem-2 Packing

Cost effective general service universal compression packing, rotary and valve applications 0–14 pH.

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Chem-3 Packing

General service pump and valve packing made with high purity carbon fiber.

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Chem-4 Packing

Chemical services & colour sensitive applications, chemically resistant compression packing - rotating equipment and valve applications.

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Chem-II GFO Packing

Ultimate choice for general service applications, reliable GORE, GFO Fiber.

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Flow Pro

Reduces flush water and extends equipment life, custom machined to fit your equipment hybrid sealing solution UNI-directional.

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Flush Pac
Flush Pak

Flexible graphite, offset square packing for pumps and valves.


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G1200D Packing

Effective flexible graphite rings prevents leakage in pumps, valves & soot blowers offering high-performance solutions for reliable fluid handling.

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Gate Lok Packing
Gate Lok

Slurry service valve packing 0-13 pH, chemically-resistant rubber energizer live loads the packing to maintain a seal during cycling conditions. Excellent choice for knifegate applications.

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GC 89 Packing
GC 89

General service compression packing for centrifugal pump, rotating equipment agitators/mixers, reciprocating pumps, and valve service.

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GS-500 Packing

General service rotating equipment cost effective compression packing.

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GV-1200 Packing

High temperature and pressure valve stem compression packing c/w Inconel® wire reinforcement.

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HS-3000M Packing

Pure carbon yarn square inter-braid construction compression packing for rotary equipment. High speed - dimensionally stable severe & demanding applications.

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HS-4000M Packing

Premier choice for high speed & severe chemicals.

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Motion Pac X Packing
Motion Pac X

Carbon fiber c/w Aflas® resilient elastomer core. Excellent choice for equipment with radial runout - agitators / mixers.

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PC-87 Packing

For rotating equipment, centrifugal pumps, agitators/mixers, reciprocating pumps & valves. Aramid fiber corners - anti extrusion and slurry applications.

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Pure Pac II
Pure Pac II

FDA compliant expanded PTFE compression packing ideal for colour sensitive applications. Universal packing chemical range 0–14 pH.

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Aramid fiber - for the most severe slurry applications or worn equipment.


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TB-210 Packing

Superior general service compression packing for rotating equipment and valve applications.


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Packing Tampers

Packing tampers are used for installing braided compression packing rings in pumps and valves. For installation instructions, see data sheet.

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Ultra Pac Packing
Ultra Pac

Sealability with anti extrusion corners for those difficult applications, excellent choice with our flow pro bushing.

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