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Slurry Mechanical Seals

Slurry Seal

TAC 600, TAC 620 & TAC 640

Slurry service can be among the most challenging of
mechanical seal applications. As modern mining and mineral
extraction processes develop to become more efficient and
environmentally sustainable, so must the available sealing
solutions to meet these new demands. The A.R. Thomson
Group Inc. line of TAC Slurry seals offers everything from
more traditional solutions to state-of-the-art designs and
materials. All focused on improving MTBF, plant safety and
protecting the environment.

  • Up to 60% Solids without Flush or environmental controls required.
  • Robust seal face, gland and component geometry.
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant metallurgy matching the pump wetted parts.
  • Preset Cartridge design simplifying installation.
  • Balanced design.

There are often many challenges in a slurry
application. These include:

  • Remote installation, either tailings or remote booster
    locations, makes monitoring mechanical seals difficult.
    Also, these locations may not have suitable quench water
  • Local weather, with many such applications being outside
    seasonal weather, must be considered, often meaning that
    barrier fluid systems are impractical.
  • Larger size pumps, lower speeds: Many modern slurry pump
    applications use much larger diameter pumps, reducing the
    pump components’ abrasive wear. However, lower shaft
    speeds can reduce the effectiveness of pumping scrolls in
    dual slurry seals.
  • Limited service windows for larger remote pumps. Servicing
    larger pumps is always costly, especially in difficult-to-reach
  • High solids concentrations. In addition to often not being
    suitable for a dual seal support system, high solids content
    media is typically unsuited for single seal use.

Applications of TSP

  • Heavy Slurry applications (to 60%).
  • Acidic and chemically aggressive media.
  • Mining.
  • Ore processing.
  • Pulp and Paper.

Mechanical seal usage has been increasing in
slurry applications for many years. Better design
and materials knowledge has improved reliability.
Three possible ways of sealing a slurry pump with a
mechanical seal exist.

  • Single seal with a flush.
  • Flush-less single seal.
  • Dual seal with a support system.

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