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Cartridge Mechanical Seals

A.R. Thomson Group specializes in Cartridge Mechanical Seals, offering robust sealing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. These seals are designed for easy installation and maintenance, providing efficient and reliable sealing performance. With our expertise and dedication to quality, we deliver Cartridge Mechanical Seals that ensure optimal sealing, reduce downtime, and enhance operational efficiency.

Standard Cartridge Mechanical Seal
Standard Cartridge Seals

Standard cartridge seals are pre-assembled mechanical seals designed for common industrial applications, offering a convenient and efficient solution by integrating all the necessary sealing components into a single, easily replaceable unit.

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API / Metal Bellows

API metal bellow seals are robust and versatile sealing solutions designed to meet the stringent requirements of API (American Petroleum Institute) standards, providing exceptional reliability, durability, and leak-free performance in critical applications within the oil and gas industry.

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Split Seals 

Split seals provide an option to give improved fluid sealing over gland packing in equipment that is often too larger to dismantle to fit a conventional mechanical seal. Our split seals can be a cost-effective solution in these challenging applications

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Special Duty 

Special duty seals, such as slurry seals and gas liftoff seals, are specifically engineered to withstand challenging operating conditions, offering superior resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and high pressures, ensuring efficient sealing performance in demanding applications where conventional seals may not be suitable.

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