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API 682 Standard Seals - Metal Bellow

The 9000 series API 682 Standard seal range from A.R. Thomson Group Inc. incorporates the latest design thinking with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to deliver unmatched reliability performance in the most demanding oil and gas applications, from flashing hydrocarbons to high energy large diameter seals, we have the right API seal for your most challenging applications.

9100 API Seal
9100 Series

A single API seal that is ideally suited to challenging clean applications close to their vapour pressure. This stationary sprung seal delivers exceptional equipment uptime in these challenging applications.


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9100 Dual API Seal
9100 Dual Series 

Adding barrier or buffer fluid capabilities to the already robust single seal architecture of the 9100 single seals. The 9100 dual seal is perfect for higher temperature service or applications where process containment is critical to safe site operations.

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9200 API Seal
9200 Series

This seal design represents the most modern thinking in current fluid sealing. This seal is designed to operate in applications where legacy seal designs fail most frequently, such as suspended solids.


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9200 Dual API Seal
9200 Dual Series

The Dual version of the 9200 series seal has a broad application range. Delivering reliable, zero-emission performance that can be well in excess of the suggested MTBF in 
API 682.

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9300 API Seal
9300 Series 

A versatile metal bellows seal that can be supplied as a type B or C seal to suit high-temperature applications. The combined features of eliminating elastomers and high-temperature materials make this seal a good choice in demanding applications. This design can be supplied as a single and a dual seal with a pusher-style outboard seal.

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9400 API Seal
9400 Series

This dual seal uses bellows assemblies for primary and secondary seal faces. When supplied as a type C seal, it is capable of sealing applications at very high temperatures with no loss of process to the environment.


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9700 Series

The 9700 is designed to suit specialty applications such as primary charge, pipeline and boiler feed applications.  Single & Dual Cartridge Seals High Pressure.


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